2nd Annual Tri-County Mental Health Fair

October 14, 2023 * FREE EVENT

Mental Health Panel Discussion 2022
When Pastors Refer to Mental Health Professionals 2022
Information Session: Grief 2022
Information Session: Autism 2022
Information Session: Addiction 2022
CPR Certification 2022
Inner Healing Discussion 2022


Dr. Lisa
Dr. Lisa H. Fuller, Founder & Medical Director Discern Life Consultant Health, Psychiatrist, Author, Speaker, Missionary, & Overseer to: Lisa H. Fuller Ministries & Christ's Arms Reaching Everywhere Ministries
Dr. Sherill Piscopo, Overseer Evangel Christian Churches, Overseer global network Evangel Association of Churches & Ministries, IAC/FRC global Chaplain Corps, and Chancellor of Destiny School of Ministry


Dr. Lisa H. Fuller


Depression: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment

Dr. Lisa H. Fuller

Dr. Jan Newby

Trauma Induced Response

Dr. Jan Newby, “The Anger Doctor” is Chief Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor at Balance Life Mind & Well -Being, trauma-informed therapist, and principal research facilitator for the University of Michigan recent COVID-19 Mindfulness Project Team. Dr. Newby also trains law enforcement agencies. 

Mr. Williams
Mr. Robert Williams

Grief: Recovery

Mr. Robert Williams, is the President and CEO of Williams and Associates Counseling and Consultants Services, President of Greater Detroit Association of Black Social Workers, Licensed Master Social Worker, Author, Family & Relationship Therapist specializing in mental health, substance abuse, and grief.  

Dr. Bronwyn Davis


Dr. Bronwyn Davis, is a NCC Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Professional Life Coach, Author, holds a Doctorate in Religious Education, and teaches in Destiny School of Ministry Christian Counseling Institute (CCI). 

Dr. Chlorine Wimberly

Domestic Violence

Dr. Chlorine Wimberly, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in social work
from Marygrove College, a Master of Science in social work from
Wayne State University, a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling, and a
Doctor of Divinity from Ashland Theological Seminary.

Dr. Cassandra Crittenden

Youth/ The Next Generation  

Pastor Cassandra Crittenden, BSW, ASW, Master’s Degree in Education and Educational Technology, and Doctorate of Ministry, is the Co-Pastor & Founder of Press Apostolic Ministries and Dean of Press Center of Biblical Studies.       

Prayer Rooms

Open To Anyone Requesting Prayer 

Room 203 

10 AM-1:00 PM


*Christ's Arms Reaching Everywhere Ministries
*Destiny School of Ministry
*Discern Life Consultants
*Evangel Association of Churches & Ministries
*Evangel Christian Churches
*IAN/FRC Global Network
*Lisa H. Fuller Ministries
*Macomb County Community Mental Health
*Middle Ground with JLE
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