Dr. Lisa
Dr. Lisa H. Fuller, Founder & Medical Director Discern Life Consultant Health, Psychiatrist, Author, Speaker, & Overseer to: Lisa H. Fuller Ministries & Christ's Arms Reaching Everywhere Ministries
Dr. Sherill Piscopo, Senior Pastor Evangel Christian Churches, Overseer global newtork Evangel Association of Churches & Ministries, IAC/FRC global Chaplain Corps, and Chancellor of Destiny School of Ministry

Panelist & Breakout Sessions

Dr. Sabrina D. Black

Breakout Session: Working Through Grief 

Dr. Sabrina D. Black is a licensed professional counselor, Clinical Director of Abundant Life Counseling Center, Speaker, Author, Professor, Mentor, Life Coach, Missionary, and Bible Scholar. Dr. Black is the president of the National Biblical Counselors Association and a founding member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Dr. Robert Kerr

Panelist & Breakout Session: 

Struggles of Depression

Dr. Robert Kerr, PsyS, PhD. LLP, LPC, specializes in Psychodynamic/ Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. Dr. Kerr is the Priest in Charge, Church of the Redeemer and Bible Scholar.   

Dr. Jan Newby

.Breakout Session: Surviving Trauma

Dr. Jan Newby, “The Anger Doctor” is Chief Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor at Balance Life Mind & Well -Being, trauma-informed therapist, and principle research facilitator for the University of Michigan recent COVID-19 Mindfulness Project Team. Dr. Newby also trains law enforcement agencies. 

Bronwyn Davis

.Breakout Session: Depression & Suicidality in Youth

Bronwyn Davis, is a NCC Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Professional Life Coach, holds a Doctorate in Religious Education, and teaches in Destiny School of Ministry Christian Counseling Institute (CCI). 

Pastors Trish & Simon Presland

.Breakout Session: Spirituality & Inner Healing

Pastors Trish & Simon Presland, are the Overseers of: Destiny School of Ministry Christian Counseling Institute (CCI), AIM Higher Life Coach Certification Program, Inner Healing Seminars, and Associate Pastors at Evangel Christian Churches.  

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