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3rd Annual Tri-County Mental Health Fair

Discern Life Consultants' Goal: Partnership with community agencies and organizations to bring mental health awareness and resources to the community with emphasis on the importance of integrated health care.

2024 HOSTS

Co-Host: Discern Life Consultants provides mental health awareness to the community in a personalized and professional manner. 

Co-Host: Dr. Sherill Piscopo is the Overseer of Evangel Association of Churches & Ministries, Evangel Christian Churches, & Chancellor of Destiny School of Ministry

Co-Hosts: Pastors, Drs. Michael & Genna Hines are the Lead Pastors of Evangel Christian Churches. 

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion: Mental Health Disparities: Narrowing the Gap
Father Robert Kerr

Panel Facilitator

Father, Rober Kerr, PhD, PsyS, MA, LPC, LLP, practices as a psychotherapist. Farther Kerr’s academic career includes faculty at Ashland Theological Seminary for over 20 years as well as Destiny School of Ministry. Father Kerr is the Priest in Charge of The Church of the Redeemer, Southfield, MI. 

Ms. Crystal Bouissi


Crystal Bouissi, MSW, BSW, Administrator, Macomb Conty Community Mental Health 2001-2023, Community Leader and Mental Health Advocate. 


Dr. Bronwyn Davis


Bronwyn Davis, D.R.E., LPC, Certified Coach (Mental Health, Lifestyle & Wellness), is the Founder and CEO of A Safe Place Clinical Counseling, PLLC. Dr. Davis is an instructor at Destiny School of Ministry and a licensed Minister.     

Mr. Brandon Brown


Brandon Brown, Bachelor of Science degree in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience from the University of Michigan, is a mental health advocate and certified Peer Coordinator/Support Specialist at Macomb County Community Mental Health

Dr. Chistal Eason


Christal Eason, PhD, LMCSW, SATS, Founder and CEO of CLE Strategic Solutions LLL and Finally I Choose Me is an Ordained Elder of Second Ebenezer Church.   

Mrs. Mellanie Knox


Mellanie Knox, LPC, Founder and CEO of Harvest Retreat Drop-In Center, Inc. and Harvest Center for Wellness, LLC both provide mental health counseling, recovery support, socialization, & for individuals dealing with mental health issues. 


Dr. Lisa H. Fuller

Suicide: Facts

Lisa H. Fuller, DO, a psychiatrist (practicing over 30 years) and the Founder/ Chief Medical Officer of Discern Life Consultants Health. Dr. Lisa H. Fuller is an Ordained Apostle, Senior Pastor of Christ’s Arms Reaching Everywhere Ministries, and Missionary to the nations. 

Dr. Jan Newby

Trauma Induced Response

Jan NewbyLLPC, “The Anger Doctor,” Chief Psychotherapist, and Clinical Supervisor at Balance Life Mind & Well -Being. Dr. Newby also trains law enforcement agencies.   

Mr. Robert Willams

Grief: Life After Loss

Robert Williams, LMSW, ACSW, clinical practice covers a span over 50 years in clinical social work, addictions, and administration.

Dr. Chlorine F. Wimberly

Domestic Violence: Recognizing The Cycle

Chlorine F. Wimberly, D.D, MA (Pastoral Counseling), MSW, BSW is the Founder and CEO of IRISE Counseling Services, LLC. Dr. Chlorine F. Wimberly is an Ordained Elder and Missionary to Haiti and Panama. 

Min. Tenna Harris

Coping Through Cancer

Tenna Harris, LLMSW is the Founder and CEO of U Evolve Counseling Services. Ms. Harris’ clinical practice brings hope to cancer patients as well as patients of all ages. Minister Harris is an Ordained Minister.

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